Personalised Computer Lessons

We often have our customers requesting lessons, but until now we have not set up anything official. We now offer personalised computer lessons tailored to your skill level and comfort zone. Here are a few points of what we offer:

Customised lessons based on your skill level and goals.
Learn at your own pace in a supportive enviroment that suits you (at home, in our shop or remotely).
Flexible(ish) shceduling to fit around your life and ours. Not just within business hours.
Help you build your confidence to navigate technology with ease.
artificial intelegence

Whether you want to better grasp basic computer use, expand your existing knowledge or delve deeper into certain topics, we can help. A key point to remember is that silly questions don't exist, if you don't understand something it means it wasn't explained properly. 

Prices are worked out on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you wanted written/voice/video tutorials made up based on recent lessons, the price may be slightly higher. Though, a rough guide is £60 per hour including a follow-along at-home reminder tutorial made for you to keep and tailored to your learning style. Considerations are made if we have to repeat parts and any questions about topics.

 If you are interested, please answer the questionnaire below and we will get back to you. 
*If there are any issues, please use the "Contact Us" form that is beneath the questionnaire. Thank you.*

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